Hot MINT 1982 STEIFF quot;Collector #39;s Edition quot; Family of 5 White Bears 4 quot; to 16 quot; Never Removed From Box

Hot MINT 1982 STEIFF Collector's Edition Family of 5 White Bears 4 to 16 Never Removed From Box

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MINT CONDITION and never removed from box is this STEIFF Margarete Steiff Giengen-Brenz Collector's Edition 1982 white bear family. These bears are all attached to the box, all have the brass ear plug with a white tag label with identifing #'s, all have the round cardboard or paper tag, all have a folding care tag attached. They also all have red bows around their necks with the exception of the baby one. Interesting Note: When the box is laying down and then set up, the largest bear makes a "bear" noise.

Fabric content tags read All new Materials of 50% wool, 50% cotton. Sizes range from approx. 4" to 16". They are numbered 0203/11, 0203/18, 0203/26, 0203/36 and 0203/41. Bottom of box has a label that reads "contents and box made in West Germany - Distributed in the United States by Reeves Int'l Inc, NY., NY."

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